A tiny spark

A tiny spark is where it all starts.  Most days I feel like a I am just flaming out.  A big puff of smoke.  As I've said before, I want to share this process with you the reader, but most days I am beating myself up and am sure you'd rather not hear me complain yet again.  But in truth, this is what happens when you're starting out I imagine, you just don't know it because most people would rather not share all the downs that exist.   And I don't.  Trust me there are far more days that I'd rather chuck it all than feeling the wonderful elation of writing.  I am still waiting for that moment. 

What I do love and enjoy are the moments of hope.  The spark that makes you want to go on.  I saw that glimmer when I watched this video.  It makes me want to go on.  If not for one more day.