About Me

When I find a new blog, I always look for the "About Me" page.  I am always intrigued by the people who write the blog and their motivations for doing it.   Also, having been in the blogosphere since 2004, and being the "proud" owner of 10+ blog names (yes they are all in use), I am always trying to define my space on the internet.  But how to do that?

1. What is your blog about?  Sure you write the blog, but I'm reading your blog for it's content first, then I want to know about you.  Tell me how you came up with the fun name, what it's about and why should I continue to read.

2. Ok, I'm still reading.  Now tell me about you. I want to know why you're writing this blog, what makes it fun for you.  Have fun with it.

3.  Post your picture. Take your time and take a nice picture.  Smile.  I want to see the person behind the blog.  It makes it more personal.

4. Place your contact info here.  I have just read all about you and I'm still reading.  Now I want to know how I can follow you.  Don't make me search for it, because I may just forget what I was doing as I'm looking at the all the tabs I have open.  Let people know they should follow you!

Think about using Google Forms, that way you have a spreadsheet full of information.

5.  More!  Are you in the press? Did you win some awards (that are related to your blog, that 5th grade spelling bee win is more of a fun fact), a short video.