Outlines and 1st Drafts

Well, last Tuesday has come and gone and so has the deadline for me to submit my 1st draft.  I have been feeling bad for not writing everyday like I should, but my constant issue of not knowing where to start the play has plagued me and stopped me from moving forward.  I have been improving every week in class, as I don't want to write more material.  Because if I do write anything else, it will  be more of the same story, of which I have enough of.  This story has been nearly 10 years in the making.  ugh!  I hate that realization.  10 years to write a self serving story.  10 years to ponder this thing I call life.  I am now the cliche that I have always dreaded becoming. 
Although, 10 years has given me an opportunity to meet wonderful people who are an integral part in me moving forward.  They are my sounding board, there to hear new ideas, or the same ones regurgitated.   My former writing partner, now my creativity partner and I meet weekly online.  She is my saviour and I cherish our chats. Everyone needs someone to work with, or at least bounce their ideas off of.
Today I've posted my project on Hollywood Fringe.  Take that!  Now I just need something to present.   March will be a month of things being read out loud and presenting material. 
In my conversation this week, I've been given some examples of one person show to check out:
Writing workshops:
Fingers crossed things will work out!