About me - Acting

Jennifer Bobiwash is originally from a small village that no one has ever heard of in Canada and has been busy acting, creating theater and playing hockey.  Acting credits include Love-Stupid, Short Term TV, Life with Kat and McKay, Andrew Andrews, H-Detector, Walking on Turtle Island.  Her theater credits include Native Voices' Berlin Blues by Drew Hayden Taylor, Angel in Mark Medhoff's When You Comin' Back Red Ryder and Elizabeth in James McLure's Laundry and Bourbon. Directing/Producing credits include The Frybread Queens, and the one-man show Sikes and Nancy, as well as several showcases. She is currently working in online content helping create various Webseries as well as her own, currently titled "Collide". She is also working on her own one-woman show "There is no I in Indian" that is currently being workshopped.

Articles about Jennifer:
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