Day 3

I know I should be thinking about writing and I should just be writing.  But it's hard to do when you're used to producing projects as well.  You think, "well if I write that, then I have to do this".   So while wading around the internet, as well as my blog reader, I found this article on marketing a webseries and of course it made me think of the magic that will happen when I'm actually done writing this thing.  So, of course, I had to stop, take notes so I won't forget this in the weeks to come.
  • Website:  To give the potential audience a peek behind your process.  Does it evoke the feelings you want it to? Colour, layout? Can you find information easily?
  • Press Kit: Include a press release about your show,  as well as a synopsis and your bios and headshot. 
  • Promotional materials: The show poster, flyers with information, a handout with links where people can go to find out more about your subject.