Day 2

Well not really day 2, but for me yes.  This writing shit is hard.  I am finding every excuse in the world to avoid it.  Today I have managed to do that by convincing myself that the blog needed a new look for this blog.  Because after all that's how what's gonna sell me tickets right?
I have been procrastinating and not writing for over a year now.  I totally stopped writing.  Well not totally.  I just stopped finishing.  I have become my worst nightmare.  An Idea Man.  I have a million ideas.  When you tell me a story, I think of what wonderful ways that it could become a script.  But that's as far as I get.  I'm a good starter, just not a good closer. 
It's getting late and all I've done is think up great scenarios in my head.  I should probably get them down on paper. to write.