Types of Cheese

I've been hosting a lot of wine tastings lately, and I've had to learn which wines pair best with what wines.  There are so many different kinds of cheese out there, I've tried to make a cheat cheat so I know what's what.

Semi-soft, Cow or Buffalo milk. No aging.
Traditionally served the day it's made or preserved in a brine of salt water or whey.
Made by spinning and then cutting (hence the name as the Italian verb mozzare, means to cut)

Soft, Cow's milk. Rind of white mold. Aged one week or more.
When slicing the cheese, removing the more desirable tip from the wedge of brie is known as "pointing the Brie" and is regarded as a faux pas.

Soft, Cow's milk, Surface-ripened (rind)
Rich, buttery flavour.

Semi-soft, Cow's milk.  Rindless.  Aged 3 months.
Can be sliced, grilled or melted.
A washed curd cheese. 

Hard, semi-hard, Cow's milk.  Aged 3-60 months.
Usually deep to pale yellow.

Stay hungry my friend