Writing Prompt

Write a love letter to the moon.
Write about your dream home.
Include the following words=steak, tomato, butter, beige, and saddle sore.
Create a new drug, what will it cure? what are its side effects?
Write about the ache behind your eyes.
Write about something you learned as an adult from watching a child.
Clean house=what can you never seem to get clean?
Give yourself a gift you wish you could return.
Write yourself like an elixir …how would an old time merchant sell you to a crowd. What ailment could you cure? What would you taste like? Would you be a pill or a liquid? Describe your packaging.
Include the following words=follow, floor, fawn, fever, and fiddle.
Use the following words=eggs, hairline, skip, knuckle and wobble.
How would you spend your last night earth? (focus on tastes, textures, smells)
If your house was on fire and you could only save ONE thing…what would it be, and why…
Cleaning house=what can you never seem to get clean?
Be in debt to someone for something other than money.
Write a love letter to yourself when you were a teen.
If you could ask your pet a question what would it be…how would they never answer?
Write about receiving instructions for something you already know how to do.
Write a to-do list for your life.
Write about losing track of time.
Write about your experience at the fair.
Use melting ice to mark to mark time in a story.
Walk down the street and pick two different people on different sides of the street. Study them for a moment and write their background, make their lives intertwine somehow.
write about how a physical illness has affected you emotionally.
You wake up in a room you have never been in before. You have a key on a chain around your neck. And a box with a lock on it. And a door with a lock on it. …use this as a jumping off place for a “choose your own adventure” type of story.
write from the shadow of depression. focus on your senses. what does depression smell like? sound like? taste like?
write about a cab ride
focus on colors to enhance setting.
write about someone mending your broken pieces.