Webinar notes

Creating authentic relationship-6 drivers of influence
Reciprocation - if a blogger attends a premium experience they may reciprocate ex: linked in recommendation
Consistency - in opinion and posts
Social Proof - in blogging, audience identifies with the influencer, is the action of buying the product
Liking - will talk about them long after you're done with the product
Scarcity - exclusive opportunity, only 500 left...
What's an "influencer":somebody that can convince somebody else to take action, causing a shift in someone else to act
think of how the person in relavent to your space

20 most retweetable words or phrases: post, blog, blog post, new blog post-See Dan Zarrella's post, therefore, content is being shared on blogs and being RT'd, look at who the top blogs are in your circle
read Tribes by Seth Godin
5 basic steps of influencer indentification:

How to spot an influence:
  • Listen 

  • Think beyond the traditional sources

  • Assess relevance

  • Action and reaction:comments on the blog, likes on FB, RT on twitter

  •  Don't confuse popularity or reach for influence

  • 3 automated tools for indenity influencers

  • grader.com (square.grader.com, book.grader.com, facebook.grader.com)

  • jitterater-grades you on how you interact, how engaging are they with others

  • technorati.com

  • 3 keys to becoming an influencer yourself
    Create content, putting something out there in the world that ppl want to consume, develop your own authority within your own space
    Curate; acting as the filter
    Connect: make the connection between people and other resources, so then you're seen as a hub

    4 action steps to implementing influencer strategety and interaction in your own business or organization

    Put some human effort behind the automated tools:
    Get "zen" on the WIIFM (What's In It For Me) thinking past the Influencers to the Influencers audience
    Build relationships before you need them: the bridges that you build for your community, ex. networking for your next job.
    Set goals and measure them: