The sad songs that play

The sad songs that play.

To pass the day away at work, I listen to the radio.  That and it drowns out the sounds of work.  People making coffee, eating donuts, and killing endless amounts of trees by making copies.  I’ve found that country music calms me and doesn’t make me want to yell at people, most of the time.  But lately, I have found that George is making a comback, which for me isn’t good. 
You see I discovered George while I was in college.  Not by choice of course, maybe George found me.  I remember I was a senior in college, living in the sorority house and my room was right off the living room.  My roommates, hicks that they were, would constantly listen to CMT.  I was in my MTV phase, and would have it on in the background while I worked diligently on my senior thesis. 
Living in the house was fun, but looking back, I was such a bitch.  I was president of the sorority, and I was not about to let other people ruin my reign. 
But back to George.  I think the song that haunted me was………..  If only I could get the words right, “could’ga would’ga aint ya gonna