Fat girl at the Party

right now i feel like i'm 12, but this time i know what's going on.  I'm the fat chick at the party, i'm the girl that everyone knows, kinda, like "oh, you.'re so & so's friend.  yeah, that's fun.  i think ive always been..
i so want t be somebody else n even try to be sometimes I'm told its just confidence, yeh te me another Dr. Laura, that's why I attrackt the short bad over 40 men, i try to be obnoxious, which really isnt me,  i'm not pretty enough to pull thst one off

the whole fuckin world sucks ass!!  I don't know how else to say it.  I feel like im in high school rgiht now sucking up tp the cool kids and coming along onle b/c I know someone.  F that.  the sad part is thst i rely on my husbnd and you niw what, that ucks ass too.

We open on the bridesmaid toasting.

...And I am so happy today to be able to see my bestest friend in the world getting married  I knew these 2 were destined to be together, when Frank was over Every night