Crazy you tube comments

Crazy youtube comments

Native Americans are the greatest people!!! I have native roots, Blackfoot. My great great grandmother was fullblooded, married a french man... So i am indian and french...I love Natives!!! I wish I lived where there were some. The white ways of life really s*ck!! Our government is horrible.. I give the natives all the respect in the world!!!

Long ago White men came to this land and were starving after awhile, indian showed them how to survive, They got fat and then told indian they had to join their Church,That they had the wrong gods, and must go to white church and be like white man or they would be killed , They rounded them up and began to treat them very bad and killed a lot and put the rest on reservations where they would not be seen, and they are still there!!!!!
  • Im white , but also part Lipan Apache ( legally quarter blood ). My Grandfather is full Apache. I don't hate anyone , and you would be foolish to not respect even those you want to kill . But I do hate some peoples views of life . The way they think . White people have made mistakes , but they don't know any better . Not all white people are bad just like not all Native Americans are good .
  • I dont have native roots..but have always as long as I can remember ,respected and admired the native people and what they stand for..this video is awesome btw