Class 4 – 4 cards – SPRING, GOD, SPINNING CIRCUS

 Class 4 –  4 cards – SPRING, GOD, SPINNING CIRCUS and take half your age and write about something during that year and include the 4 words

List that it’s a French school
How big the school is
More detail about the competition

My senior year.  Oh there are so many things I want to do.  Growing up although a tomboy, I was always reading “girly-type” magazines.  You know Glamour, Cosmo, the variety of teen mags, ‘Teen, YM, Seventeen.  I wanted to be the cute girl next door the cover always seemed to feature.  What was the latest tip to get your hunky neighbor to fall madly in love with you?  The top 10 beauty essentials.  The spring’s must-have wardrobe.  I always wanted the glamorous dramatic life that these magazines seemed to portray.  Even looking back now, I can’t consciously pick figure out what made me want these things but I did.  I wanted to be prom queen, school president, forget class president, the valedictorian and the jock.  What a circus I was!  My best friend at the time also had higher aspirations, and I never thought we’d compete, and really if we did, I’d win.   She was a grade ahead of me, and already leading a busy life trying to get ready for university, but here she was entering the elections race.  I can’t remember much of the race itself, I just remember that she won.  BY 2 VOTES.  Of course I requested a recount, 2 votes, come on.  I was also kicking myself at the time, because I had foolishly voted for her.  Dammit!  Recount over, she still won.  So by default I would be her vice-president.  Great I thought to myself, another year as vice-president, how am I supposed to change the world like that.  After getting over the initial feelings of betrayal and seeking help from God I consoled myself to being the best damn V.P. this school had ever seen.  My patience paid off in the end.  Here we were a mere month into her presidency and she resigns.  No not because of some scandal that I had wished upon her, but because she was “too stressed out” to do the job, so she chose to allow me to be President and she would drop down to the meager roll of vice.  Finally I thought, my reign can begin much to the chagrin of the school’s administration.  It was not that I was a difficult child, my mother was the school secretary, so I couldn’t cause a lot of trouble, but I did know what I wanted and how to do it.  If I needed grown-up help I would ask for it, but this was my kingdom now and I would allow suggestions from the peasants, but I had things to do if I would achieve the cool status that the teen romance novels I read talked about.
The year went well.  I only made the student advisor cry once, which for me was good.  She couldn’t handle the fact that as a student body we weren’t going to spend the last of our money on some stupid statue that she had designed.  So she started crying and had to leave to get the principle involved.  Yadayadayada.  Such was my life.  The one thing that did send me spinning was when it came time for the yearly awards.  As the announcer stood in front of the school, I readied myself in the bleachers to accept the humanitarian award, the school president always got it.  I was blown away when my name was not called, but HERS was.  That’s right, the girl who quick being president because it was too much work for her, she got it.  As she stood in front of the bleachers full of students accepting her award, I too got up and walk out.  My mother who saw this, and followed me to the hallway and told me that I should go back to my seat.  I couldn’t do.  I just walked right out of the school.  Are you kidding me, how was I supposed to do great things, when teachers who were supposed to be molding my precious mind, supported and glorified a quitter.

Because of this, when it came time for my valedictorian speech, check another one off the list, I was called into the principles office to face a lecture of what I could and could not say.  I also had to submit my speech to him before I could read it.  This kinda threw me, because I had never known of any other valedictorian being treated like this.  But fine, I thought I can be the bigger person.