Coolest cookbook

I'm always looking for interesting recipes to make, and I was drawn in to this one by the photo on the cover, Fiddle head salad.  It brought back memories of when I was little and would go into the bush and pick the curled up plant. 

Once home, my grandmother would perform her magic and these strange leafy greens.  I'm not sure how she made them, but they ended up pickled at the end of the day and I could  easily finish off a jar by myself.

This book is definately on my wish list now.  Check out the National Museum of the American Indian for more information.

The Mitsitam Cafe Cookbook
Recipes from the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI)
By Richard Hetzler

“Mitsitam” means “let’s eat” in the Piscataway and Delaware languages the restaurants.   The museum’s Mitsitam Native Foods Café enhances the museum experience by providing visitors the opportunity to enjoy the indigenous cuisines of the Americas and to explore the history of Native foods.  The Mitsitam Cafe is located at NMAI Washington.