Christina's Salad

While on a camping outing one summer, my friend Christina kept talking about this salad that she made.  So, while I was trying to get more greens in my diet, I thought I would give it a try. 

Mixed baby greens lettuce
Diced Roma tomatoes
Crumbled blue cheese
Caramelized pecans (halved)

Melt butter in the pan first over medium heat.
Add nuts and stir around to give them a good coating of butter...stir constantly so they don't burn.
Drain off any excess butter
Sprinkle brown sugar over nuts and stir... add a little at a time continually stirring until nuts have a good coating of sugar.
Continue to cook and stir until brown sugar and butter melt together and form a somewhat thick coating over the nuts.  The tricky part is when to stop cooking. There unfortunately is a fine line between finished and burnt.  Stop if it starts to smell like it is burning (usually if you start to smell that, then it is already too late) but hopefully you can tell when they are done before that happens.  If they are undercooked then the sugar stays grainy.
Dressing is the key, but raspberry is the only one that brings this salad together.

Stay hungry my friend!