It's all very well to have courage and skill
and it's fine to be counted a star.
But the single deed with its touch of thrill
doesn't tell the person you are;
For there's no lone hand in the game we play,
we must work to a bigger scheme.
And the thing that counts in the world today is,
"How do you pull with the team?"

They may sound your praise and call you great,
They may single you out for fame,
But you must work with your teammate
Or you'll never win the game;
Oh, never the work of life is done
By the person with a selfish dream,
For the battle is lost or the battle is won
But the spirit of the team.

You may think it fine to be praised for skill,
but a greater thing you do
is to set your mind and set your will
on the goal that's just in view.
It's helping your teammate to score
When her chances hopeless seem;
It's forgetting self till the game is o'ver
And fighting for the team.

--Edgar A. Guest