2009 Comes to a close

To all our friends and family out there! As we sit here and write this blog, it's hard to believe the year is almost over. Getting old sucks! Gone are the days when any vacation felt like it lasted forever.  Now you can't close your eyes too long without time flying by.

2009 has brought a few changes to our blog.  We haven't been travelling much since Jen ends up working a lot of weekends in different forms of production be it theater, film or web content.  Rob is thus relagated to lounging around the house watching some sporting event. 

If you're new to our blog, welcome to our travels in food since we don't seem to travel much.  We mostly stay-cay.  Most of our photos were posted under either of our Facebook pages and never made it here.  So here is a little slide show of our year.  It's the best way to see what we've done.  We'll continue to post photos when we actually leave the comfort of our home. 

insert slide show here

If you're keeping score, Rob's last job was working for Oltman's Construction.  He finally got laid off in September after having his hours cut to 4 days a week (a fact that he loved, since his day off was Friday).  He lounged around the house, taking a breather for a bit until November when he felt the need to go hunting.  During his 36 hour drive to Montana, he would send Jen text messages of his whereabouts, until he lost reception in the middle of the State. 

Jen's year was filled by working in different production capacities at Native Voices at The Autry, one of the country's only Native theatres.  Being self-employed now since 2007, has kept her busy, with clients ranging from a writer, a lawyer and a race-car driver.  Never a dull moment!  At last count she had 10 different jobs, and she actually gets paid for some of them.

Hockey is always a constant in both their lives.  Jen is playing in two different leagues, a women's and a men's (where she is the only girl in the league).   She also  played in two tournaments, one in Vegas in January and the other in Phoenix in May.  Though they did actually leave the city, it wasn't really a vacation, since you're always waiting to play the next game.  Rob is doing well in his league since his team changed leagues and his team no longer plays against Jen's (that was fun!).

Summer was spent going to Angel's baseball games.  The advantage of working for a construction company with season tickets, free parking and a discount at the bar!

Visitors this year were a plenty.  Including Jen's mom and dad once, Jen's dad and brother another time, and Rob's sister Chonne and her son Gavin twice. 

My apologies for writing in the third person, but since both of us are writing this, it just makes more sense. 

Jen's schedule got a bit crazy as the year came to a close, so our cards never made it to the post office.  But we did want to reach out to our friends far and wide.  So please know you are in our thoughts.  Have a fabulous holiday a wonderful new year.

We'll see you in 2010!  We have quite a few adventures planned, so it should be fun!
Jen & Rob!