The sun shines through the leaves as Sarah takes a moment out for herself. Her legs dangle from the tree swing as Filbert nips at her ankles. "Shhhh Filly, you can't ride right now, fetch" as she throws the ball as her tiny arms could.
Her parents had dropped her off that morning and now here she was dreading the rest of the summer. Two full months with the crazies, isn't that what her grand mother called them. But what was she supposed to do, she couldn't very well stay in the city by herself while everyone else was working and traveling. She was only 13 after all. Not quite old enough to spend the summer in a high rise with no adult supervision. Now here she was in cow country. The wind that blew through the tree and kicked up dust around her. This trip was supposed to be a learning experience for her, that's what her mother called it. After her father had died, so did any connection to the reservation and her heritage. She had lived her whole life in the city. Taking the subway to the Lycee north in the morning, leaving her lakeside view, into the grunginess of the city.
Sarah Morningstar, was the apple of her grandfather's eye, which caused some friction with the rest of her cousins. Such a strange family she thought, shouldn't we all love each other equally. No wonder her mother hated visited her inlaws. Being a only child gave Sarah the advantage over her cousins because she was constantly surrounded by adults, she was a bit more mature than the others. She was well mannered an never expected anything from anyone but to be loved.
"Hey there dreamer, what's up?" Megan asked. "Not much Auntie, just sucks that mom had to go away for the summer and you get stuck with me" she answered. "Oh, it's not stuck, I have a big adventure planned for you. Your mom thought you should learn a bit about your culture this summer, so we're going to dance, and I have the greatest costume for you"