Friday again

They sit in silence watching the movie, the only noise besides the movie, is the munching of the popcorn and the slurping of the soda. She sits there thinking back to the days at the Palace Theatre, the only theatre in her small town, it was the place to be on Friday nights. Memories of her first date with Andre come back and she shakes her head and laughs. Her date, looks at her and puts his hand on her knee as if asking what's wrong. She pats his hands and leaves it there on his. Her heart gets a little light as if butterflies are fighting to get out. She can feel her breath quickening. Her focus returns to the movie, just in time for a scary part and she squeezes his hand unintentionally. To comfort her, he intertwines his fingers with hers. Another sigh, this time from him. Yes, he thinks to himself, I have finally done something right. His focus is lost, and he can no longer focus on the movie. He sneaks a peek at her as she is thoroughly engrossed in the film. He takes note of the silhouette against the glow of movie. Her eyes blink as the images of blood and gore flash across the screen. He traces her face with his eyes, stopping as her lips slowly part as she gaps again and she grips his hand.