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This is where all Jennifer's Hollywood adventures began. Although the acting bug bit at a young age, it wasn't until I moved to L.A. that she acted upon it (haha, no pun intended).
January 2008
Just worked on Armored. I was within hair touching distance to Matt Dillon and Laurence Fishburne. Later I was next to Skeet Ulrich, Fred Ward, Columbus Short, Amaury Nolasco and Jean Reno. I was one of only 3 women on set with like 30 guys.

2007 Sightings:
October 2004. This has been a busy year for me. I started it off by participating in a "showcase", that's just fancy talk to say we put up a show hoping industry people would come. I've had a lot more auditions than last year, and I actually got a few parts. I completed the role in a horror movie, and did a PSA for the U.N.. I did a few more theatre things (an evening of monologues, then a play just this past weekend), I'm now getting involved in the Museum of the West (formerly "the Autry Museum"), and my first show for that, starts next week. I'm also in a theatre group and we'll be putting some things on shortly, so stay tuned.
December 2003. I have worked on some stuff since 2003, but it's been mostly short films, of which I have no idea if they'll even see the light of day. You can check out my personal web page, or IMDB.
February 2003. Hidalgo, starring Viggo Mortenson and Omar Sharif. This movies is about a horse, that's all I know. I sat outside a teepee while it rained on me, and got paid extra because it did. The scene was supposed to depict soldiers taking our guns and weapons away at Custard's last stand.
October 2002: Played a waitress in the Christopher Guest movie, A Mighty Wind. Look for me at the end of the movie. The scene takes place in an Indian casino in upstate New York. I was the only authentic "Indian" who played a waitress. You can't miss me, just look for the hot pink sequined vest, and way too much turquoise. Wish I had a picture of that one. Release date unknown. Release 2003. Others seen: Harry Shearer and Michael McKean.
March 2002: The Hot Chick, starring Rob Schneider. I am in a mall scene (shot in Montebello California). Released December 2002.
Feb 2002: Break A Leg, with Eric Roberts and Jennifer Beals. I didn't get paid for this project, but should get copy and credit. No idea when it will be released.  Released 2005.
This is all I've done to date (April 26, 2001) check back soon! Things have since slowed down in the movie biz, so I've sold out and gotten a "real" job, so I can pay some bills. I am SAG now, so it's only a matter of time before I return to the screen. Watch for me!
Scorpion King - The prequel to The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. I saw The Rock (Duane Johnson) and Kelly Hu, , Director was Chuck Russell. While on the set in Vasquez Rocks by Valencia, Vince McMahon came to check out filming, and with him was Rick Flair (you WWF fans will know who these people are, that's you mom). Played a villager in several scenes, was in the window in the end scene (in costume). So I know how the movie ends, was released April 16th, 2002.
The Web - Disney pilot for the fall 2001. Ed Begley Jr., Ivan Sergei, Melinda McGraw, Sherri-Shepherd-Tarpley, James McCauley and Lori Loughlin. The Director was Ted Wass (the dad from Blossom).
Update, ok, ok so this one didn't come out in the fall, it aired twice in March and April 2002 and was cancelled. But what do they expect when they rename it from "the web" to Wednesday's 9:30 (8:30 central)?
Mr. Deeds - Movie with Adam Sandler, Winona Ryder. Played a funeral-goer.
Men are from Mars/Women are from Venus - can you believe they pay people to be in the audience. This was their last episode. They've been cancelled.
Kemper Insurance Commercial - played a rodeo girl, watch for me in a cowboy hat.
Six Feet Under - Plays on HBO. I was eating right next to Ed Begley
Pasadena - Pilot for the Fall season, played courtroom atmosphere, you should see my head peeking in the back of the limo. Saw Diane Keaton, she was the director, and Alison Lohman. The pilot aired 09/28/01.
Just Ask my children - played a prisoner and a diner patron, stars Virginia Madsen. Aired on Lifetime in September 2001.
BMW - "The Star" with Clive Barker, Madonna and Guy Ritchie. www.bmwfilms.com.
"Nikki". "Nikki & Dwight" (Nikki Cox, Nick von Esmarch), "Jupiter" (Toby Huss), "Mary" (Susan Egan). I was a wrestling fan, in the "Love at first Dwight" Episode that aired 05/13/01.
American Pie II - I went to Band Camp! Saw Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan and her friend in the movie. Release summer 2001.
Son of the Beach - Saw the whole cast. Episode " ??". Aired July 3, 2001. Cancelled.
BMW "The Follow" - an internet movie with Mickey Rooke (didn't see him though). www.bmwfilms.com
That's Life - Plays on CBS, Saturdays at 8pm. I was restaurant atmosphere and it's the last episode of the season. It should air March 17, 2001 at 8pm. Saw Dolly DeLucca (Ellen Burstyn), Paul DeLucca (Kevin Dillon), Frank DeLucca (Paul Sorvino) and the old guy (Joseph Campanella). Cancelled 2001.
Not Another Teen Movie - Feature Film- Kenny from the Cosby show, and Ron Lester (from Popular), Mia Kirshner from Toronto talked to me, others unknown? Played a high school student and an airline passenger. JoAnna Garcia, Samm Levine, Sam Huntingford, Chyler Leigh, Cody McMains, Jaime Pressly, Chris Evans, Randy Quaid.
Strong Medicine - played a security guard, to air on March 2001. Plays on Lifetime Television, Episode 204 "Attachments". Plays Sundays at 8pm and midnight on Lifetime TV. Saw Dr. Luisa Delgado (Rosa Blasi),
Family Law - "Soul Custody" to Air March 12, 2001. Played courtroom atmosphere, saw Randi King (Dixie Carter), Danni Lipton (Julie Warner), Rachel Tomkins (Lisa Edelsten), Mark Tomkins (James Acheson), Stephen Houston (Shashawnee Hall) and the Judge (Clyde Kasatsu). While I was on the Sony lot, I saw John Cusack, he was filming American Sweethearts with Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Plays Monday nights at 10pm. Was called back for the Episode "The Gay Divorce", which aired 4/9/01, saw Tony Danza, Kathleen Quinlan. Jerry Levine was the director (played Stiles in Teen Wolf), lawyer was short guy with glasses. Cancelled 2001.
Malcolm in the Middle - whole cast. Played a neighbor. While on the CBC Radford lot, I saw David Spade ("Just shoot me" tapes there too). "Evacuation" Aired May 13, on Fox. Spoke to Lois (Jane Kaczmarek), Hal (Bryan Cranston), Reese (Justin Berfield), Malcolm (Frankie Muniz), Dewey (Erik per Sullivan). Sundays on Fox at 8:30pm.
Train - Music Video - Drops from Jupiter
Power Rangers Time Force - Saw all the Rangers, red, yellow, blue, green and pink. Played park atmosphere.
Clockstoppers - Feature Film with French Stewart and Jonathan Frakes (Lieutenant Riker from Star Trek) as the Director. I played an airline passenger, then was called back to play a high school student. Released 2002.
Angel- Harmony (Photo not available), Angel (David Boreanaz), Cordilia Chase (Charisma Carpenter), Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (Alexis Denisof) and Charles Gunn (J. August Richards) to aired April 12. I played one of the vampires.
The Norm Show - Fridays at 8:30 pm on ABC, with Norm MacDonald, the episode is called "Norm is Fat" aired March 2, I was so on the air for a full minute at least. Saw the whole cast, Laurie Metcalf, Ian Gomez, Artie Lange, Faith Ford and Max Wright. For the second day of shooting, it was in front of an audience, and Rob came to watch. Norm tapes at Warner Brothers, which is close to our apartment, so I rode my bike to the set one day and almost ran over the mom from the Gilmore Girls ("Lorelai Gilmore", Lauren Graham). Also say Rory's boyfriend ( "Dean" Jared Padalecki) from Gilmore Girls . Cancelled 2001.
Ally McBeal - Mondays at 9 pm on Fox, John Cage (Peter MacNicol) and Richard Fish (Greg Germann), aired March 19th, 2001, Season 4, Episode title "The Getaway". I played airline passenger. Cancelled 2002.
Arli$$ - Airs, Wednesdays at 9pm on HBO, Robert Wuhl is Arliss Michaels, an HBO show. I was sitting right beside one of the stars from the show and still don't know who it was. Season 6, Episode 1 " ", played a tennis fan and a graduating student. Cancelled.
Ali - Feature film with Will Smith as Ali and Jamie Foxx. I was in the audience during one of the fight scenes. Released xmas 2001.
Popular - Fridays at 8 pm on WB, saw Sam McPherson (Carly Pope) and George (A.T. Montgomery), aired Friday March 8th, 2001 @ 9 pm (Season 2, Episode 38). Saw the episode, you can't even see me, I was a mall walker. Cancelled Spring 2001.
How High - Feature film starring Method Man and Red Man, I played Harvard school student. Released xmas 2001.
First Years (formerly This Life) - airs Mondays AT 9pm on NBC, name was recently changed, new mid-season replacement, played law office atmosphere, saw; "Warren Harrison" (Mackenzie Astin), "Anna Weller" (Samantha Mathis), "Miles Lawton" (Ken Marino) . Cancelled after 1 episode Spring 2002.
ER - Thursdays 10pm on NBC, saw Dr. Peter Benton (Eriq LaSalle), airing the week of Feb 22 (Season 7, Episode "The Crossing"), I played a patient on a gurney.
saw Dr. John Carter (Noah Wyle) and Dr. Mark Green (Anthony Edwards), airing...March 29, 2001 Episode "Survival of the Fittest", I played a nurse.
Spring Break Lawyer - an MTV movie, aired the weekend of March 23-24, 2001, with Gary Grubbs and Kyle Howard, I played a police detective.
Providence - Fridays 8pm on NBC, airing the week of Feb 16 (Season 2, Episode 53 "The lion sleeps tonight"), Robbie Hansen (Seth Peterson) and (guest star Maria Pitillo - no picture available). Appeared again, to air April 20 "Magician" sometime saw Dr. Sydney Hansen (Melina Kanakaredes) and her dad Jim Hansen (Mike Ferrell) he said hi to me and the repair guy. Cancelled Winter 2002.
Let's start with my first costume that I had to wear, I was an officer with the colombian guerrillas for Arnold Schwarzenegger's new movie Collateral Damage.