A new sport!

On a recent online search, I found a local curling group and subjected Rob to it.

This is Rob learning how to throw the rock.
That's me demonstrating for the class.

Merry Christmas

Well, here it is Christmas already and we're at home just hanging out. Rob is busy in the kitchen cooking, and I am here on the computer watching an MTV marathon of the Hills. I have barely moved all day and been eating brownies and drinking wine all day. I hope everyone's day was so peaceful. Going to church for mass last night was fun, as was spending it with a friend's family. I just wish I could find that love of the holidays that I used to have.

Star Sightings

Ok, we haven't updated this in a bit, but I'll try and be more diligent.

As we were walking back to our car after a screening of Sweeney Todd, we saw John Billingsley pumping gas.

We just went to a screening of Eastern Promises and listen to Viggo Mortensen talk afterwards.

Here are the old sightings:

We've gone to some screenings, and seen a few people, like Mitch Ryan again, (very friendly guy), Famke Janssen at the Rite Aid next to the Director's Guild on Fairfax. (08/04).

We also went to a taping of the Tonight Show (08/04)(finally, we've only lived here 4 years, and it's within walking distance from our house), and Kim Basinger was on. Which co-incidentally I know the sister of the writer of her other movie, Cellular.

While we were at dinner for my birthday (07/25)at the Oyster house and we saw Frankie Muniz (Malcolm in the Middle).

Rob was being a tourist and he saw Mitch Ryan (Dharma and Greg) walking around at the Disney concert hall. (07/04)

While at an L.A. Kings game (1/22/04) Rob spotted John C. McGinley and D.B. Sweeney a few rows in front of us, and no we were not in the cheap seats.

With a lot of research, you can always see movies around awards time, we have seen: Diane Lane from Under the Tuscan Sun, Hayden Christensen and Peter Sarsgaard from Shattered Glass, Annette Bening, Robert Duval and Kevin Costner from Open Range, William H. Macy and Maria Bello from The Cooler, Peter Dinklage from The Station Agent, Viggo Mortenson from Return of the King, Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean, Charlize Theron from Monster, Colin Firth and Scarlett Johansson from the Girl with a Pearl Earring. (Oct-Dec 2003)

Because I'm a big shoopastar, I get the opportunity to hob-nob all the time with my peers. I have seen Lisa Gay Hamilton formerly of The Practice, Mitch Ryan formerly from Dharma and Greg, Minnie Driver, Michael York and Martin Landau. In 2002, I was fortunate enough to be on the nominating committee and saw several movies before they were released, and because the studios are trying to hype them, we also saw many stars after the screening. Such as: Julianne Moore and Dennis Haysbert when they were in Far from Heaven, Robin Williams in One Hour Photo, Jennifer Aniston in the Good Girl, Ray Liotta in Narc.

While shopping in Target I saw Nicole Eggert.

At Starbucks across the street from our apartment we saw Chad Michael Murray.

While shopping at Alberston's acrosss the street we saw George Murdock.

At the Burbank Airport when we were coming back from the marathon, we saw Smokey Robinson.

At the Starbucks in Studio City (on Vineland), we saw Michael Stoyanov who played the brother on Blossom, and Robert Patrick who played agent Doggett on X-files.

At our favourite Hollywood bar, Goldfinger, we've seen Tom Green after his break-up with Drew, and on a separate occassion Alexis Bleidel.

Jimmy Kimmel formerly of the Man Show in Costco in Burbank (11/27/01).

Danny Bonaduce - Rob bumped into him at the gas station down the street and talked to him. Then when Danny was doing his radio show, he mentioned he talked to some guy in the gas station that morning.

Adam Carolla formerly of the Man Show in Glendale Fashion Square.

Joe Mantegna at Gladstones in Malibu (6/23/01)

Lindsay Sloane, saw her at Runyon Canyon, in Hollywood (4/14/01).

Billy Drago, film and tv actor, outside of Trader Joe's in Toluca Lake (3/3/01).

Paula Abdul - Walked right past her Sunday (02/18/01) afternoon in Pasadena.

Melissa Gilbert - saw her at a restaurant in Studio City.

Sasha Mitchell, who played Cody from Step by step - Saw him at the Farmer's Market when Julie was visiting us.

Brian Bloom - Did I have a crush on this boy while I was in high school...can you say "Dusty"? He played Dusty on As the World Turns, years ago - Oh, he works out at our gym too!

Dennis Rodman - After the Dogstar concert getting into his limo.

Keanu Reaves - Blew me a kiss, when we went to see his band Dogstar play at the Roxbury in Hollywood.

David Hyde Pierce - Sat directly in front of us at a taping of Titus.

Cast of Titus - Went to see a taping of the show.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell - In a secluded spot at a restaurant in Santa Monica.

Morgan Fairchild - Works out at our gym (Rob spotted her first, because I didn't believe it could be her, with all that make-up on going to work out).

Michael Cade - Sly from California Dreams, works out at our gym.

Dick Butkus - Almost ran over his grandson (who ran out in front of me, while we were rollerblading at the beach).

John Ashton - Detective Taggert from Beverly Hill Cop (I almost ran him over in the parking lot at the grocery store - he was standing in the middle of the road talking on his cell phone - I almost yelled out to him to move, but then stopped in shock that he was "a movie star".

Garrett Morris - formerly of The Jamie Foxx Show.

Carmen Filpi - Always plays the old guy.

Dennis Miller - Went to see a taping of his HBO show (2000), played Friday at 11:30pm on HBO.

Diane Delano - Bobbie Glass from Popular at a restaurrant in Calabassas.

Tammy-Lynn Michael - Nicole Julian from Popular at a restaurant in Calabassas.

Ok, we suck!

Well here it is December 2007 and we haven't posted the whole year. Why is it that I only remember to do this? Anyway, 2007 was a busy year for us, but not together? You see Jenn was off being an actor and left Rob at home, so they're aren't many pictures of them together. So we'll try again in 2008 and see how this works out for us.


July 7, 2007

I am a Hostess cupcake
That’s right im a hostess cupcake.  Ok maybe not that dark but the concept is the same.  I’d like to think I’m a mass of airy chocolate cake with fluffy white cream on the inside. 

It wasn’t until I moved away from home did I begin to feel like this.  I’m sure you noticed, but I’m still dealing with it.   I’m beige, in the summer I looks like a tan.  My mother never told me I was different and isn’t it weird how kids don’t see in colour, and if they do they just accept it.  I wish I could go back to simpler days like that, when all that mattered was how cool you were and you were judged on things like sports and what clubs you were on.

I am Indian.  Feather not dot.  And I will use the word Indian, because I am so sick and tired of the word changing all the time to suit the whim of political correctness.

Card carrying member of the Mississauga first Nation.  I’m not opposed to having to register with the government.  I think of it for the greater good.  Like we are animals in the zoo that “they” can keep track of.  Yet I’m ok with that.   I believe that it is a necessary evil for the propagation of the species, my species, our species.    Can’t be letting all that riff-raff in? 

New Stuff

Well Rob and I just got back from Vegas where I had a hockey tournament. Fun stuff. We didn't win our division, but we did win one game at least, and held off goals until the final minutes of the third. If we'd only had one more game, I think we would've been ok, but what's done is done. I'll post some picture shortle that Rob took of me on the ice.

Wow, 2007!

Ok, so here we are 2007 and still not much update on us. So we'll try this format to see if people find us this way. I've just transferred some of the old site over here, so give me a bit to teach Rob how to work this so he can post too.

Hopefully we'll have you reading our adventures.

take care!

Crossing over

Happy Valentine's day or Single-supporters day, whichever you subscribe to!

I'm still working on the site, re-arranging and stuff, so some of the pictures may not be there. So enjoy. If you have pictures from Rob's birthday, please feel free to send them to me so I can post them.

Next Vegas trip will be for our FIFTH wedding anniversary (phewf, 5 years already), and we are going to try out the new rides at the top of the Stratosphere. (since we got married there, and went on the ride, we try and make it back there every year and ride the ride, but now they have new one! click here to visit the web site)



Welcome to our newly redesigned website, and our new email addresses.

Ok, so our website has been redesigned now for about a year, but I'm not sure how many of you have seen it. Anyway, we are writing here instead of sending you a magnificent christmas letter detailing our fantastic year. But we were also thinking how people make everything sound so happy and cheery, well welcome to our thankless christmas letter.

Happy Holidays one and all. It has been a busy year for us.

Wow, can you believe it's almost Christmas now. We're preparing for Rob's blow-out birthday in Vegas! Do hope you'll be joining us! Please visit the this site after the first of the year for what I'm sure will be embarrassing pictures.

Again we haven't been able to travel lately because of my busy schedule, I've had play openings or rehearsal pretty much every weekend. Which is good, trust me. In turn this has left Rob home to his own devices, so he has become very athletic, he's either out biking, running or at the gym. He's also found a new computer distraction, NO, IT'S NOT PORN. He has his own blog, I can't remember what it's called now, but I'm sure it's something interesting..

Some updates to the site. To be sure you are always looking at the most current stuff. The date is listed at the top, so you don't have to waste your time looking through old photos if you don't want to. The link at the bottom of the page works now, so just click on it, and your email program should pick it up. If that doesn't work, read on for our addresses. Everything is up and running now, so sit back, hang on to your mouse, and see what we've been up to!

Please note our new email addresses:
Rob: shastarob1 [at] yahoo.com
Rob and Jen: conklinsinla [at] yahoo.com

Love Rob and Jen
Welcome to our newly redesigned website, and our new email addresses.
Ok, let's see it's now September, where has the year gone. We really haven't done much this year, and it's all my fault. I had a busy summer with several showcases and plays, rehearsing all the time. Rob's getting ready for another Triathlon, it's on Oct 2. He did one back in May too! He's such an athlete!!
Some updates to the site. To be sure you are always looking at the most current stuff. The date is listed at the top, so you don't have to waste your time looking through old photos if you don't want to. The link at the bottom of the page works now, so just click on it, and your email program should pick it up. If that doesn't work, read on for our addresses. Everything is up and running now, so sit back, hang on to your mouse, and see what we've been up to!