Good or Bad, there's no hockey


I was hopeful, with last week's news that the players association wanted to meet, and were bringing a deal with them. But after news of the meeting, it looks like they'll be no hockey this season. It's certainly a sad day for hockey.

Why????? In the beginning I thought, "screw those overpriced, divaesque, money-grubbing hockey players!" They're getting paid to PLAY A SPORT. Just be happy that you skated (no pun intended) through school, have a degree, yet are still playing the sport you loved as a child. You overgrown peewee crybaby.

But I've been reading the various sites that carry news of the strike, and I'm beginning to feel bad for all the name calling. One example is next year's projected top draft pick, with the salary cap he'll only be making $850,000 - a $400,000 cut, with no signing bonuses.

I feel real bad that this "20-something year old man" will be ONLY making $850,000. Why doesn't anyone realize if they start small, there's more room to grow from? As opposed to paying them the most when they start out, they could get hurt on the first game? OOOOh what an investment there? (Look at other sports that have paid through the nose to get rookie players, think Lebron James and others).

And I do feel bad for these grown men who have lost the love of the game. Can't they remember when they were on the travel team, getting up early, loading into some parent's car to go a game? When the arenas were just the ice-rinks with thin plywood walls around them and a few bleachers to keep the chill and snow off the spectators. Looking up from the ice after you'd scored a goal to see the crowd cheering. Getting the tacky team photo that your mom insisted on buying, the whole family could wear a button with your face on it? Remember rockin' out to someone's boombox in the locker room, getting "pumped" up for a game.

These are the memories that made hockey great for me, and there are so many more. Sure I can sit here and criticize the players for wanting more money because I'm not getting paid, but every week when I'm out there on the ice skating with my team, I'm thankful that I can still play.

Let's hope that from this is a new appreciation for the sport is created. And the future hall of famers don't just see dollar signs in their eyes, but an appreciation of the opportunities given too them.

WTF!!!! Damn I sound sappy. Just wake the fuck up and play!

Come to your own conclusion....

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This quote is from USA Today:

"The thing that intrigues me about the leagues proposal Tuesday is the way it might sit in households of individual NHL players. According to the NHL, 91.8% of the players will have to play for 24% or less of their salaries under the new proposal, and 75% would play for 20% or less reduction in pay. Forty-four percent would have no reduction at all. It's a Robin Hood scenario. Let the ultra-rich take the biggest hit. I would think an enormous majority of players sat at dinner tables last night thinking: "I was willing to go back to work for a 24-percent reduction, and now they'll let me go back for 20% reduction (or less), and my union shot this down?"