An example of not listening to yourself...

"there's no getting around it. it has to happen sometimes in order to progress in the formation of oneself. and it's a good thing to know onself (what one is, wants, and feels) rather than to have others determine them for you." or "...but i think that when you actually take the time to reflect and observe yourself, the people around you, and the things you keep around you, you learn a lot about yourself and what makes you you. "

My first impression of the above statement was "WHAT THE @#$%^!" It was uttered by someone whom I haven't heard from in months. I've tried to contact this person since our last visit to no avail, so I was getting ready to write them off, and lo and behold I get a note from them sputtering the above nonsense. (see refer to past posts about energy and karma)

I say nonsense because I think it sounds very Zen and for the area we live in, very gimmicky. I also don't want to believe that people actually talk like that, and if they do they should keep their granola munching, hemp wearing selves away from me.

Ok, it's jealousy on my part, I want to be like that! That's it! Eureka! Whatever. The more I babble on, I think that I just want to be apart of something bigger than myself...oooh listen to me now. My problem is that I'm constantly trying to be different that everyone else, that I don't want to sound like the hokey schmokies of the world.